Vintage echoes and sounds at a realistic price for everyone...

Unlock that Hank Marvin         Guitar Sound...'s the key...

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Hall's Echo are the re-branded (formerly known as EFTP) echo effects for the ZOOM G3, G3X and G5 but, critically, independent of Charlie Hall. I, Ross Hall, Copyright owner for the old G3, G3X and G5 EFTP settings, brings these effects to the market at a reduced rate to offer excellent value to the  'sounds like Hank Marvin' & Shadows market...

Or ZOOM G5...

The ZOOM  G3, G3X...

Excellent Hank Marvin Echo patches

Including amp simulation (and without) to enable the use of your own tone if you're happy with it or to play on a budget if you don't have your own expensive equipment.  Check out the sound file on the Home page.

Echo emulations
Offering excellent settings that
emulate the Hank Marvin sound and equalling the best of EFTP.

Other effects

Including popular reverbs and a Duane Eddy sound amongst others. See below for more...

These settings faithfully reproduce the vintage echo sounds of the vintage Echo units and equipment used by a Mr. Hank B. Marvin and will get you very close to 'that sound' with minimum financial outlay. Whether you're a beginner or a professional these echo effects will transition your sound by making use of the excellent amp simulations on offer on this generation of ZOOM hardware.

The Hall's Echo system offers you...

For the ZOOM G3 (V2) and G3X (essentially the same except for the expression pedal). There are 74 patches in total:

  • Four Binson Echorec emulations with amp simulation and four without amp simulation
  • Sixteen Meazzi 'Echomatic' patches that will cover many Shadow's tunes.
  • Two VOX Long Tom patches.
  • Seven Roland RE-301 Mode 5 patches and one mode one  Roland RE-301 patch.
  • A specific patch written for NIVRAM (this is a non echo patch but captures the room ambiance that it was recorded in.
  • Three different Reverb effects including; Tremolo Reverb; Surf Reverb; and  Abbey Road Reverb.
  • A Double Track effect that emulates two guitars.
  • A Duane Eddy sound that is a tremolo effect with delay and reverb to emulate the sound of Duane.
  • And, finally, a 'COMPLEX' sound that is based on the sound of more than one Roland RE-301 echo unit used simultaneously.

The above patches are replicated with and without the use of the ZOOM amp model simulations giving you the option to generate your own tone or to use the ZOOM tone.

The ZOOM G5 Hall's Echo patches offer the same as the G3 package, above, but with the addition of two extra Binson patches; both with and without Zoom's amp model simulations (78 patches in total).

You will receive comprehensive installation instructions; a welcome document; the Hall's Echo uniquely encrypted data file; an echo/patch sheet that will tell you what/where each patch is located with some further explanation of the history of the original, emulated, echo units; a tunes and settings sheet that lists around 220 tunes and the appropriate Hall's Echo effect to be used.

All files are Adobe pdf files except the Hall's Echo data file which can only be loaded into the ZOOM Edit&Share Software.