Hall's Echo patches have been specifically designed to emulate, as closely as possible, some of the original echo units or effects that have been made famous by Hank Marvin and others of that early era.

The Hall's Echo patches for the ZOOM G5 are only available by email. These patches are designed for you to install them yourself and come complete with an instruction document that includes images and a systematic approach. The Hall's Echo patches should be used with a G5 that has Version 1.10 Firmware installed or later and will overwrite the ZOOM Factory patches. If you use a PC with Windows 8 Operating system or you have USB 3 you will require the latest (V1.20) Firmware update for the G5 (there are links to required resources at the foot of this page).

The ZOOM G5 unit has built in amp modelling simulations and the Hall's Echo programmes make use of this as well as providing the suitable echo sounds. These Hall's Echo patches were written with the 'Connected Equipment' setting set to 'Direct' and this setting should be used to optimise the Hall's Echo product.

The Hall's Echo patches for the ZOOM G5 contain 39 effects and echo patches that use the excellent ZOOM amp model simulations; a further 39 patches follow these but with the ZOOM amp model simulations removed leaving you with a differently equalised echo only patch that enables you to generate your own tone from your own equipment (amp, etc.) but still enjoying the benefits of the echo, reverb or effect of the patch. This gives you 78 patches in total (two more, with and without amp simulations, compared to the Hall's Echo patches for the ZOOM G3 or G3X; the extra patches are Binson Echorec patches).

The 39 Hall's Echo patches, either with or without the ZOOM amp simulations, should cover almost any Hank and the Shadows tune. A list of 222 tunes/programmes is supplied. Other tunes not on the list will also, usually, have a suitable setting because the most important echo unit sounds are included in the programmes. Further, the Binson Echorec 6 and 7 echoes were used for most Spotnicks tunes and the VOX Long Tom 1 and 2 patches were used for other European acts who've favoured this unit.

The price for this Hall's Echo Product for the ZOOM G5 is: GBP £80.00 and this is for one non-exclusive and non-transferable licence (subject to formal licence agreement).

Prior to purchasing the Hall's Echo effects and to install the Hall's Echo Software you will require:

  • A ZOOM G5 unit (not supplied by Hall's Echo).
  • A standard A to B USB Printer Cable (not usually supplied by ZOOM).
  • The ZOOM Edit&Share Programme, version or above, installed to a PC or Mac computer that is capable of hosting the software. You will find a link to the Edit&Share software, below, in the 'ZOOM Resources' table for the G5 or on the 'Purchasing' page of this site.
  • Adobe Reader Version XI or later. You will find a link to get the latest version of Adobe Reader below  the 'ZOOM Resources' table, at the foot of this page or on the 'Purchasing' page of this site.

Hall's Echo accepts PayPal and Credit & Debit cards (via PayPal - no PayPal account required)


Your right to cancel... Due to the Hall's Echo product being downloadable digital content, the law states that we must not send our product to you within the 14 day statutory cancellation period unless you give your express consent to receive the Hall's Echo files within the cancellation period. You must also acknowledge that in receiving the Hall's Echo product within the 14 day cancellation period your right to cancel the contract will be lost; the right to cancel will be lost the moment the Hall's Echo files are transmitted to you by email.

The Hall's Echo End User Licence Agreement (EULA) application form allows you to stipulate your preference relating to the cancellation period.

The Hall's Echo licenses are strictly non-transferable and will have an embedded security code that will highlight breaches of certain terms within the Hall's Echo EULA. The licence will only be granted upon entering a legally binding contract/EULA. You will, as a minimum, be agreeing to not share or allow the sharing of the Hall's Echo intellectual property, in any way or any form, with any third parties under any circumstances. The Hall's Echo software must be removed prior to selling or relinquishing ownership of your ZOOM product.

You will be required to disable the 'Auto-save' function so that you do not save changes to the Hall's Echo patches unwittingly.

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